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Educate, Participate, Celebrate! 

Thank you for becoming a supporter of P.A.C.E. First, we will post tools to allow our supporters to fully educate themselves on what P.A.C.E. Scholarships are, who they help, how they help, and how they work. 

Next, we ask all supporters of school choice to  participate in our grassroots movement to get the P.A.C.E. Scholarship bill passed into SC Legislation. This includes reaching out to representatives and community members to voice your support for the bill. The more voices at once, the louder we are. The louder we are, the more we will be heard! 

After we get the bill through legislation we will celebrate with P.A.C.E. supporters our success of finally getting true school choice for South Carolina families. At this point, we will share our knowledge with our community and blast out the easy-to-apply scholarship website so we can get the most scholarships as possible into the hands of those who need it. 

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P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill S285 and H3422
True School Choice!

Participation Resources

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Send an Email Thanking State SenatorTom Davis  for Sponsoring the P.A.C.E. Bill S285 in the South Carolina State Senate.  

Send an Emal Thanking House Rep. Steven Long for Sponsoring the P.A.C.E. Bill H3422 in the South Carolina House of Representatives. 

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