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  • No, Nikki Haley, YOU didn't try and get school choice passed. We The People tried to get True School Choice passed. All the legislators did was fight us on it and pass the useless ESA. You should be embarrassed! Our legislators sliced everything they could to keep the children of South Carolina from having school choice. SMH!

  • **I apologize for the choppy video, I couldn't find a better condition one online, it goes right in line with the garbage we get delivered in SC by these legislators.  

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May 11th, 2023: Sine Die or the day on which the legislature adjourns for this year. Only legislation expressly identified in the Sine Die Resolution can be considered or acted upon beyond this date. Bills filed this session have until Sine Die next year to be signed into law. 


The PACE Scholarship Bill (S 285) has already passed the SC Senate ... so if it passes AS-IS, NO CHANGES, it will go straight to the Governor for SIGNATURE and be LAW!!!  At this point if we make any changes, it will just die.  We MUST get this passed right now so the SC State Treasures Office can start setting everything up for rolling out the program!!! Please take the time today to call the Ways and Means Committee and ask them to pass S285 as is!  List of the committee members’ numbers & emails below in comments. Email, call, text, FB comment- just get the message to them!!

Senators Deliver their Last Blow to P.A.C.E. S285

Why We Must Pay Attention .png

This is the most recent and final amendment from our Senators! This is the best they could deliver for our children?? Please make your voice heard! South Carolina children deserve better!!

Senators Pass P.A.C.E. after slicing funds and opportunity!!!

Our opportunity to restore P.A.C.E. Scholarship back to its original size and opportunity lies in the hands of the PEOPLE communicating with the house representatives now!

The house bill is: H3422. It is currently in the Means and Ways Committee. Please call these Representatives and share with them your support for P.A.C.E. Scholarship. House Ways and Means




Remember, what they do, is their campaign in truth. Words are cheap!

Please call the Representatives below and thank them for sponsoring the P.A.C.E. Scholarship bill H3422. Ask them to fight for the children of South Carolina to have TRUE School Choice without government entaglement.

Representative Steven Long 864 978 3104

Representative Mike Burns 864-906-6949

Representative Josiah Magnuson 864-420-7933

Representative Bill Chumley 864-303-2726

Representaive Jordan Pace 843-300-7193

Representative Jay Kilmartin 803-873-8967

Representative Thomas Beach 864-448-6336

Representative Rob Harris 610-392-7358

Representative Roger Nutt 864-706-1557

Representative Mark Willis 864-862-6179

We must restore the government back to the people! Please make the calls, email and send texts in support!



A hearing has been set for Tuesday, January 7th.  Please call the legislators on the subcommittee and express how you feel about them giving the purse strings to the department of education. That is exactly opposite of what the  point of the P.A.C.E. Scholarship is about. 

These are the Senators making these decisions for our state "School Choice" please go to P.A.C.E. Scholarship Facebook Page and watch our videos of the Senate in action.  

Senator Sean Bennett -

Senator Nikki Setzler-

Seantor Shane Martin-

Senator Kevin Johnson-

Senator Tom Davis-

Senator Greg Hembree- 

UPDATE ON P.A.C.E. Scholarship bill has been added to the ESA/ESTF S39 as an amendment.  The Senate Republican's would not pass P.A.C.E. Scholarship on it's own.  Please be sure to call your Senator and tell them that you do not want the P.A.C.E. Scholarship Amendment altered in any way.  

JAN 23, 2023 — 

The $100 MILLION "TRUE" school choice PACE Scholarship Bill ... administered by INDEPENDENT NON-PROFITS ... is set to pass the SC Senate on Tuesday.  

It is a "compromise" as the nefarious ESA,  which we don't like due to it being 100% government run and does not adhere to the conservative platform ... Rest assured our PACE Scholarship Bill does... and it looks like the both will pass as ONE BILL.

 We have worked hard to provide details and information on P.A.C.E. Scholarship and made it clear that the PEOPLE of SC want TRUE School Choice without government tentacles ...Our Senators were determined to get the ESA on the books.  They decided on a compromise to pass BOTH ...  For a host of reasons, we agreed that BOTH was OK.  

We owe a thank you to Senator Tom Davis, Senator Shane Martin, Senator Tom Corbin! 

Also, a HUGE thank you to Senator Mike Fanning who took the time last session as well as this one to not only educate the other Senators on the P.A.C.E. Scholarship bill, he also sponsored the P.A.C.E. Scholarship.  He was a pleasure to listen to during the debate and really stepped across party lines to do the right thing for the children of South Carolina!!!  

Please be sure to reach out to Senator Shane Massey, to let him know you want P.A.C.E. Scholarship without any amendments to it.  

Senator A. Shane Massey
Majority Leader  Chairman, Senate Rules Committee

Business Phone (803) 212-6330

Thank you to ALL of the Parents & Teachers who have reached out to the legislators of our great state of SC in support on the TRUE School Choice bill P.A.C.E. Scholarship.  Please continue to call! Up next is the House Representatives!  

SHARE THE PETITION at the bottom of this page!! Let's get to 1k!!


Call to Action from the P.A.C.E. Team - Providing Academic Choice in Education for our SC children!

CALL TO ACTION - Send a Quick Email - We still have a chance to get TRUE school choice by passing the P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill!

A lot is going on with school choice at the State House...this is the "Year of the Parent"!!! The SC Senate debate over the P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill has created a major stir.


This is a new session and we need P.A.C.E. to get passed out of either house this session.

A senior SC Senator shared that the House is not very excited about passing a very flawed school choice bill. How is the ESA bill flawed?  First, it serves only disabled and very low income children, only 5000 the first year and a maximum of 15,000 by year three. Certainly, this is not true school choice. Actually, it's just another entitlement program that uses tax dollars...growing government yet again!! Secondly, since it uses tax dollars, you can rest assured that there will be government intervention into private regulations and likely curriculum interference! Parents and private schools do not want government entanglement! But the biggest FLAW is that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Every ESA has been struck down in the courts!



Direct aid to religious or other private educational institutions prohibited.

No money shall be paid from public funds nor shall the credit of the State or any of its political subdivisions be used for the direct benefit of any religious or other private educational institution.


The P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill (S285 / H3422) is the ONLY school choice structure allowed in South Carolina under our SC State Constitution.

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS NOW!!! They have to go the P.A.C.E. tax credit scholarship route ... privately funded and run by INDEPENDENT NON-PROFITS ... or we will have ZERO school choice.

#1. Take the below template text to help you tailor a personal message and email your SC House Representative. (

#2. Then email (you can use the same letter) the members of the SC House Ways & Means Committee (all 25 emails are listed below the template language).





Dear Representative ______________,


Thank you for being our voice in the State government.

I know you work hard to represent the people of South Carolina.

We’ve seen some crazy things happen over the last couple years. COVID, etc. has had a huge effect on our children and on our schools.

I am writing to you today because the P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill S285 / H3422 must get passed this session!

It offers TRUE K-12 school choice for students and parents; it is privately funded and does not use government money; and it is CONSTITUTIONAL!

Since each child is different and learns differently, every parent needs school choice to make sure their child reaches their full potential.

What is better than truly helping South Carolina families WITHOUT costing more money?

It serves only disabled and very low income children. Certainly, this is not true school choice. Actually, it's just another entitlement program that uses tax dollars...growing government yet again!!

Since it uses tax dollars, you can rest assured that there will be government intervention into private regulations and likely curriculum interference! Parents and private schools do not want government entanglement!

The biggest FLAW is that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Every ESA has been struck down in the SC courts!!

You still have the opportunity to pass true school choice for our SC children...when a "school choice bill" makes it to the floor debate  or gets a hearing in Ways & Means:

1. Offer a Strike & Replace Amendment: Strike the verbiage from the ESA Bill or any other VOUCHER bills and replace it with S285/H3422 (P.A.C.E. Scholarship) verbiage in its entirety!

To be honest, we are looking for some heroes in the legislature. Men and women who will step forward and sponsor this P.A.C.E. bill and fight for our children and parents.

Thank you for your courage to stand up for the parents and children of SC!



Your Name

Your Address/Contact Information

First, send to YOUR House Rep:

Next, send to members of the SC House Ways & Means Committee emails explaining why you want the P.A.C.E. Scholarship. This bill truly will help all South Carolina families, including teachers. 

Murrell Smith, Speaker of the House 803-734-3144

Bruce Bannister, Chairman 803-212-6944

Gilda Cobb-Hunter, 1st VC 803-734-2809

Nathan Ballentine 803-734-2969

William “Bill” Clyburn 803-734-3033

Lonnie Hosey 803-734-2829

Bill Whitmire 803-734-3068

Phillip Lowe 803-734-2975

Jackie Hayes 803-734-3099

Dennis Moss 803-734-3073

Mark Willis 803-212-6882

Todd Rutherford 803-734-9441

Chip Huggins 803-734-2971

Chandra Dillard 803-212-6791

Craig Gagnon 803-212-6934

Garry Smith 803-734-3045

Bill Herbkersman 803-734-3063

Kirkman Finlay, III 803-212-6943

J. David Weeks 803-734-3102

Lee Hewitt 803-212-6927

Heather Crawford 803-212-6933

Gary Simrill 803-734-3040

Shannon Erickson 803-734-3261

Joe Daning 803-734-2951

Leon Stavrinakis 803-734-3039

Thank you for contacting these legislators! Thank you for helping set the P.A.C.E for school choice in South Carolina!


Although P.A.C.E. (see below) is superior, in every way, the RINOs will try to the get the ESA bill S39 passed. The ESA bill is very flawed.  They changed the name, included the word "scholarship" in it to try and trick the constituents. Yes, they try and trick us.  We must READ the bills.  SAY NO TO S39! Shame on Senator Grooms for filing this bill. 

If you want to see


we need your voice and

we need it NOW!!!


Please call your legislators! Ask them the following?


-Why are there committee members that don’t sponsor any version of school choice?


-Why would any members even sponsor any option and call it school choice if it  EXCLUDES many types of children and schools, probably will not cover the full tuition, and is gov't funded?

(ESA, the politicians bill)


-Why aren’t these committee members sponsoring school choice in which 100% of public-school students are eligible, all schooling types are eligible, is designed to cover 100% of tuition, and is NOT gov't funded?

(P.A.C.E., the peoples bill)


Call your legislator and see where they stand ... this year ... and let us know what they say.  The PACE Scholarship Bill will be a LITMUS TEST for Republicans especially leading into the JUNE 2024 Primaries where every SC Senator (46) and every SC House Rep (124) will be on the ballot ... and those that choose the ESA are not going to be on the good side. 

This year they must PICK ... ESA or PACE ... not both as an "excuse" to confuse parents.



Committee Members who do not sponsor any school choice bill:



Committee Members who sponsor only ESA for school choice:




Say THANK YOU to our P.A.C.E. sponsors

and encourage them to push the committee to set a hearing:

Below are all the emails for the Senate and House members that are currently on the committees reviewing the P.A.C.E. bill. Many of them are preoccupied with the gov't funded ESA bill that very few people will be eligible for (see for comparison chart). If we all contact them weekly then they will have to recognize that P.A.C.E. is what they PEOPLE want!


Please email them all that:

  1. We want a committee hearing set for P.A.C.E. S285 and H3422. Passing true school choice should be a priority!


 2. We don't want the bill altered by politicians so that it loses the
     intention of being privately funded school choice scholarships
     for any public school student who chooses a different form of


Call to Action - Jan, 10, 2023

Grow the Grassroots Movement for in Your Community


Get as many members of your community aware that P.A.C.E. is on the way to providing TRUE school choice. Recruit more members to grow our grass roots movement.  



Print the flyers below and post them in places that parents will see it. Tape them to the back bathroom stall doors, church cork boards, thrift store bulletin boards, hand them to your hair dresser, ask your grocery store manager to put a flyer on the break room table... any thing you can think of!  

Call to Action - Jan, 10, 2023

Letter to House Committee Supporting the P.A.C.E. Bill H3422


Show members of the House Ways and Means committee (currently reviewing the bill) that South Carolina residents want them to pass the P.A.C.E. Scholarship H3422 Bill. Get as many members of the House to co-sponsor and support the only bill on the table that offers TRUE school choice. 



1) Email All House Ways and Means Committee Members: Click on the button below to send 1 email to all committee members at once! Do this once a week! It doesn't have to be a long letter. Send a short few sentences of why you want school choice and tell them you want them to sponsor and pass the "P.A.C.E. Scholarships H3422 Bill": 

Hands on Deck
Image by sue hughes


Show state senators that South Carolina residents want them to pass the P.A.C.E. Scholarship S285 Bill. Ask all your local representatives to support getting this bill ratified in anyway they can assist. 


1) Email All SC State Senators: Copy and paste this link into your browser to send an email to all 46 state senators & 124 State House Reps at once! Do this once a week! It doesn't have to be a long letter. Send a short few sentences of why you want school choice and tell them you want them to sponsor and pass the

"P.A.C.E. Scholarships S285 Bill": 

"P.A.C.E. Scholarships H3422 Bill":   

2) Mail a letter to each of your district legislators: Should be 3-5 local representatives. Request each of their support for "P.A.C.E. Scholarships S285 / H3422" via postal mail. Click on this link to find out who your local representatives are:

Happy Teenager
Call to Action -
Petition Showing Support for P.A.C.E. 


Show South Carolina Senators how many of their constituents support TRUE School Choice in education. 


Sign the petition linked below. Send the petition to members of your community in SC that support equal choice in education.

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