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Which families are eligible for a P.A.C.E. Scholarship? When can they start applying? All South Carolina public school students are eligible for a P.A.C.E. K-12 school choice scholarship. Apply yourself to supporting our grass movement to get P.A.C.E. Scholarship Bill S285 / H3422 passed and we could possibly be taking applications for this current 2022-2023 school year! 


What are different forms of school choice? Why is P.A.C.E. the best?
"School choice" has been active in most states for years, but so few people qualify and those who do qualify are unable to break through all the red tape to actually get funding for the school of their choice. A few examples are vouchers, tax credits, ESA Educational Savings Account, and Scholarship for special needs only, Scholarship for poverty households only.
PACE is the best because all South Carolina K-12 public school children are eligible. We value simplicity in the application and scholarship payment process. We offer up to $11,000 per c
hild per year rather than most others at $5,000. We offer scholarships to students who choose to transfer to homeschool in the amount of $1,000 per child per year. P.A.C.E. scholarships are privately funded therefore: we don't take funds away from pubic schools, we cover the cost of both religious or non-religious schools, and the government won't require control over the school curriculum.

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How does an idea from a normal group of parents end up getting $100 million of private funding? Once the bill is ratified into legislation, at least ten (10) Scholarship funding organizations will fundraise for private donations. Their donations qualify for a tax write off at the end of the year. Unlike other forms of K-12 school choice, our funding is sent directly from P.A.C.E. to the school of choice like most college scholarships. Our scholarship recipients do not need to worry about paying upfront costs in hopes of a rebate or juggling a education account. Our organization raises the money and we distribute private scholarships, so there is no direct tie or obligation between our source of funding and our scholarship recipients.    

How can the public help get P.A.C.E. passed through legislation and up and running ASAP? Grassroots movement! -Emails/calls/letters to legislatures WEEKLY.
-Educate your community (church, subdivision, sports team, workmates, hairdresser, etc.) about P.A.C.E. 
-Ask businesses you frequent if they will put a Flyer in their employee lounge, lobby, or restroom stalls. If they say yes, tell us their name and address and we will install the flyers! Most of all... PRAY <3


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